Project Type:

Fall 2021/Advanced Typography/Sean Bacon
Logo - Harriet Display
Design - Druk/Founders Grotesk

This graphic design project aims to create a visually appealing and informative design for an infant studies conference. The objective is to promote the conference and provide attendees with key information. The key themes to consider are developmental milestones, parent-child interactions, brain development, and early intervention. The design elements features playful and colorful visuals, simple typography, imagery of babies and young children, and infographics to display research findings.
To create a design solution for the infant studies conference, the fonts Druk and Founders Grotesk were used, along with soft colors and shapes to convey a playful yet professional feel. The typography was kept simple and easy-to-read to emphasize the key messages. Imagery of babies and young children were included to highlight the conference's focus on infant studies. The soft color palette was used to create a calming effect and complement the playful theme.

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