Project Type:

Fall 2021/Logo and Packaging/Bradford Prairie
Logo - Blender Pro Heavy
Design - Hemico Greek/Nitti Px

"Gaymer" is a magazine that celebrates the intersection of LGBT, nerd, and gaming cultures. The approach was to create a design that was bright, bold, and engaging using a combination of eye-catching colors, playful typography, and striking imagery to create a fun and informative visual experience. By combining passion for design with love for gaming and nerd cultures, "Gaymer" truly celebrates diversity and creativity in the LGBT community.
"Gaymer" was designed to be fun, playful and humorous; often using puns and innuendos in the branding. The logo for "Gaymer" was made by using Blender Pro Heavy, an impactful typeface that conveys strength and modernity. The logo incorporates eight squares, representing the iconic 8-bit gaming aesthetic, while infusing the vibrant colors of the LGBT pride flag. The magazine's design balances nostalgia and contemporary aesthetics, employing video game-inspired visuals, pop culture references, and LGBT symbolism.

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