Project Type:

Fall 2021/Logo and Packaging/Bradford Prairie​​​​​​​
Logo - Knockout
Design - Archer/DIN Condensed/Helvetica Neue

Isopro is a protein infused water made out of Whey Protein Isolate. This substance and consistency causes a more refreshing and easier to digest protein beverage than the standard whey/cream based drinks. This is targeted towards elderly adults to fill a need for a drink for special dietary use or supplement.​​​​​​​
Isopro (isolate protein) was designed with the older target audience in mind. The label is legible using the typefaces Archer, DIN Condensed, and Helvetica Neue. It is meant to be colorful making it easy to spot. Words of information to fit the dietary needs as well as words of inspiration for marketing. The logo uses the typeface Knockout which has some sort of fluidity to it while being bold and strong. The logo symbolizes a protein block, the reference being able to build. 

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