Project Type:

Fall 2021/Logo and Packaging/Bradford Prairie
Logo - Taurunum
Design - Montserrat/Active/Futura

Provecho, a Spanish expression said to someone right before they're about to enjoy a meal. Here it is the name of a taco shop in San Diego, California. This casual neighborhood taco shop is known for it's traditional cooking and "mom and pop" roots, but with a modern aesthetic and design. Younger people gravitate to it because of it's playful design and for it's down-to-earth prices. With only one location this taco shop has become very popular and known for it's long line that customers are always willing to wait.
This project was approached as a rebrand to an existing local taco shop. The restaurant was given branding, an image. With the use of their name Provecho, the idea of speech and being loud was applied to the design. Paying homage to traditional roots every color was derived from customary "papel picado", a famous Mexican decorative craft. The logo was made with the typeface Taurunum and was designed to represent both a megaphone and growing sound. A mouth icon was designed as a separate icon or mascot. Playful expressions have been added to coasters to enhance the theme of speech

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